Board Meeting Minutes 2021-09-29

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Board meeting 9/29/2021

Attendees: Arjen De Jong, Harold Morales, David Choi, Joe Stilin


Dana’s independent study

Only request is some space for additional storage.

She will need a receipt for the $3000 we receive.

[vote on approval of Dana’s letter and terms of the independent study]


Garbage removal and cleanup days

Arjen proposes to share his personal rental of a Turo van with the lab for the Saturday

[vote to reimburse Arjen in the amount of $200.00 for rental and tolls for FCFL’s use of the van to move our items]



   Laser Class

Joe S. to teach laser class on Friday at 7pm

   CNC Class

David to teach next CNC class with Eric.

   Going forward

On volunteer basis for now. Check in with Woody


Newsletter 001 mostly complete, change to reflect the plan for garbage removal on Friday. Say that details of bylaws need to be fleshed out / it is a first draft.


Lease is signed!


Need to be revisited and filled out.

Sponsored Memberships

[vote on put sponsored memberships on hold for a month]


Decision to pick up sponsored membership discussion first meeting in November.

Lease Proration

Discussion on tactfully asking Ed to prorate September rent. Agreement to ask Ed for $750 back after we vacated the commercial space on the 15th, half a month before October 1

Cameras in the lab

We current have 5 cameras up and 8 channels available. Need four more cameras: one for CNC, one for 3D printers, one for entrance.

Music Wheel

Music wheel is now folded up. Decision to ask members about claiming before the next round of lab cleaning.

Water flow meter

We can install our own water meter and check against Ed’s measurements.

Stripe payments

Card payments that aren’t going through - we notify them, if no payment after 14 days take action, after a month, suspend RFID card.

Classes and contractors

Should we hire instructors on 1099? We don’t yet know where we stand in terms of 1099 contract making. For now, we need to understand where our books are before we are able to pay contractors on 1099.


Discussion on moving to Chase for banking.

[vote on opening a new bank account with Chase and moving all funds over]



   Call of arms to members to help organize and load the van on:
   Friday after 4pm 
   Saturday morning
   Call Atlas to see if they takes ACs
   Joe Stilin to set up a Turo account for driving.
   Team to edit and finalize newsletter 001 + bylaw public link and send
   Joe S to notify pending sponsored membership applicants that program is now currently on hold.

Next meeting: scheduled for Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 7:00pm ET