There is an Instax Mini 40 for the purposes of documenting cool moments that happen in the lab, when you take a photo, please stick it up somewhere in the lab.

Camera Location

Location of the Instax Mini 40

The camera is currently located near microwave in the food area.

Parts of the Camera

Picture of the Front of the Instax Mini 40 with Colored Circles on Important Features

The Shutter is Circled in Blue, the release in circled in red, and the light sensors are circled in purple.

How to use

  1. Lift protective flap
  2. Check if there are shots remaining in the film cartridge
  3. Depress on/lens extension button
    • gently tug on lens if it doesn't fully extend
  4. Wait for status led to turn solid amber
  5. Make sure that the Light Sensor isn't covered
  6. Frame photo using the viewfinder
  7. Depress shutter release
  8. Wait for photo to develop

How to Replace the Film Cartridge

How to Replace the Film on the Instax Mini 40