01/11/2022 Town Hall Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

7:00pm ET Location: Hybrid / Zoom Attendees: Board + Members

Volunteering at Fat Cat Fab Lab

Fresh forward vision for 2022: FCFL is a 100% volunteer run space, and a “Do-ocracy”: if you see something or want something done, do it! The board is not here to block member ideas, improvements, and projects.

  • Update on program so far
    • 10 sponsored members served
    • $8,644.72 allocated from e-Nable fiscal sponsor
    • $5,144.72 remaining.
  • Program has been on “pause” since October.
  • Abagail, Diana, Damon, Joe S. volunteer to scope out the work needed to “clean slate” and re-start the program with a renewed purpose based on e-Nable’s intent + what we want from the program.
  • Working group to meet next week and define what we want from the program.
  • Decision made to consider and reach out to the handful of waiting candidates to be approved and contacted.
COVID policy
  • Should we require proof of vaccination for members?
  • Anonymous Zoom poll of those on the call on call: 13 for, 3 against
  • We’d need to store vaccination documentation in compliance with HIPA, privacy policy
  • New York does not require us to check vaccinations
  • Update: We are at 66 members heading into February
  • Our North Star: 90 members are needed to sustain rent + expenses
Membership Drive
  • Scope out
  • Instagram (Kerrick + Joe S. to work together), website overhaul, reach out to other organizations
Finances Update from Harold
CNC class teacher
  • Key missing element at the lab currently
  • David C. and Joe K. volunteer to teach for a short time
  • Arjen commits to helping develop full curriculum upon return from CA
BUS Teachers barter for free storage
  • Should we give BUS teachers free storage (value $30 per month)?
  • Agreed.
Further Initiatives
  • Open call for BUS teachers
  • Grants: Research RFP’s and write proposals
  • Alejandra: mural outside or in the village to advertise
Action items
  • Joe S., Abagail, Diana, Damon to meet and discuss sponsored membership
  • Harold to meet with Enable (Maria Esquela) to determine original intent of membership.
  • Social media plan
  • Workshops plan
  • Create a Skill Sharing Slack channel
  • Update Trello Initiatives board with new cards from this meeting