01/30/2023 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom Attendees: Mars K, Joe K, Damon H, Joe S.

  • Meeting structure
  • Finances Update
  • New storage system
  • Maker Residency
  • Newsletter
  • David C Time Away
  • CiviCRM Migration
  • Laser Filter Order
  • Coney Island Maker Faire
Finances Update
  • Joe Kim update: we are paid up on both State and City Taxes!
  • ~$2,000 in Taxes
  • FCFL is now fully up to date on all Taxes Federal, State, and City, all time.
New Storage System
  • CiviCrm implementation of new 1/2 size full size storage prices is a blocker
  • Timeline: Goal implement new price points by end Q1
  • For now, put an industrial storage shelf in place of the "peninsula" sticking out into the space
  • Damon to propose a shelving solution to use for additional bins
Maker Residency
  • To remain as non Members / former Members only.
  • Board Election Section: Add a link to kick off Member involvement in the next election / nomination.
  • Joe S. to create a new #newsletter slack channel and solicit Member involvement / project blurbs
David C Time away
  • Board to send David a message to plan next steps / timeline for return.
CiviCrm Migration
  • Harrison and Joe K are trying out CiviSpark
Filter mail check
  • Need to re-mail the check to TS Air
  • Joe S. to re-write check to the filter supplier tomorrow and send by certified mail.
Coney Island Maker Faire
  • Currently being planned
  • Communicate to Members details when they solidify