03/27/2023 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom Attendees: Joe Kim, David Choi, Mars Kennedy, Joe Stilin

  • Window repair is completed; all windows work now
  • Shades are up in main space. Server closet shades next up
  • Waiting for invoice
Security Cameras
  • 7/8 cameras work
  • Joe K to provide documentation on accessing live and recorded footage
  • Board to codify the use of security cameras: how used and who has access.
Lab Items Removal
  • Discussed email to individual re: items being discarded
  • D Choi to amend current draft
  • Pizza for Sunday meeting - approved
  • Server closet ethernet switch - $299 -
Maker Residency
  • We will have two Makers for the cohort in partnership with the Awesome Fdn.
Lab Cleanup
  • Thursday to Friday van rental
  • Thursday cleanup / van load up
  • Friday van run to dump
  • $300 for the initiative approved
Next Meeting

April 10, 2023 7pm