04/21/2022 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Google Meeting Attendees: Joe Kim, Harold Morales, David Choi, Joe Stilin

  • High frequency operations tasks
  • CNC Class
  • Plan for revising Code of Conduct, Bylaws, Member Terms
Operations Tasks
  • Tasks:
    • The Big 3 according to David:
    • Meetups
    • CNC and classes
    • Getting Community together
    • Admin'ing grants
    • Admin'ing new workshop ideas
    • Answering info@
    • Members dues administration - Stripe
    • Civicrm tasks
    • Maintaining members count excel sheet
    • Working at Open House
    • Fielding Direct messages from members
    • Keeping track of tasks on Trello
    • Maintaining / fixing tools (Laser, etc.)
    • Other shit that breaks: 3D printer, door system, DoorBot, compressor
    • Scheduling classes, workshops, open houses, meetups
    • Getting mail from downstairs
    • Meetup <> civicrm connection is a bear
    • Members conduct: masks, messes
    • Maker Residency administration
    • Landlord / building relations
    • Utilities / garbage
  • What does everyone want to do? (the fun part)
    • Harold: Stripe, our CRM, Meetup
    • Joe K: DIY RoboCars meetup; Pimp out our space;
    • Joe S: Work on meetups + outreach to the community
    • David:
  • Actions
    • Regular check ins: weekly; what we're working on now, what do we have for the next week; what questions do we have; teaming up on tasks. Share screen on Trello. Plan sprints on tasks and identify blockers.
    • Schedule the weekly planning sessions
CNC Class
  • Get a 'minimum viable product' going and building on on it
Community and Culture
  • Slack is not serving as a culture building tool
  • Getting members IN the lab is the best upside
  • Closed house / Happy hour style: Fridays?
  • Start it up on May 6th
  • Joe S. to schedule in sessions to work on Code of Conduct, Bylaws, Member terms
Next Meeting
  • Next meeting will be a weekly planning session
  • Joe S. to reach out and schedule.