08/22/2022 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Google Meets 7pm EST Joe Kim, Arjen De Jong, David Choi, Harold Morales, Joe Stilin, Ryan Murphy (Member)

  • Discussion on Voting Ryan Murphy onto Board of Directors
  • Vote on the purchase of new computers
  • Recap on CNC class starting up
  • Update on status of tax filing
Discussion on Voting Ryan Murphy onto Board of Directors
  • Ryan would like to help with Bylaws, Board Transparency, Delegation of tasks
  • Discussion on access to logins - currently all Board Members have access to all sensitive logins
  • Joe K raises short length of time Ryan has been a member (3 weeks)
  • We don't want to set a precedent in voting in brand-new Members as Board Members
  • We could give Ryan elevated access to certain systems - giving him more ability to help / delegate
  • Decision made to meet in person and discuss holding a vote to add Ryan as a Board Member.
Purchase of new laser lab computers
  • Current laser comps are over nine years old and very slow
  • Main lab comp is dead
  • Budget for up to 3 new comps can be kept under $3k
  • Can buy these computers 1 at a time - Harold would like to wait until Q3

[Vote on budget of $1000 for 1 computer] OUTCOME: APPROVED

CNC Class Update
  • Harold is the teacher.
  • Two-part class will be each month. First class on second Thursday, second class 1 week later
  • We need to figure out CNC Open Hrs.
  • One CNC Open Hrs per month.
  • Need additional CNC instructors: Joe K. and Arjen are interested in being teachers.
Status of tax filing
  • Harold update: Almost complete for review of Federal filing for all years 2015 - 2021
  • Filing as for-profit for Federal taxes. (Feds don't see us as a charity)
  • Goal is for Federal to be done by September.
  • State is trickier. Not complete yet.
Board Transparency
  • Make all future Board meetings open to Members
  • Except special meetings in which sensitive topics are discussed
Backlog Agenda Items
  • On-call people for maintenance/repair/cleaning
  • Dana's equipment donation
  • Board reimbursement for professional services
Next Meeting
  • Go to weekly after Open House at 8:00-8:30pm