09/11/2023 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Attendees: Joe Kim, Harold Morales, David Choi, Damon Hamm, Harrison Friedes Sep 11, 2023

  1. Harrison Friedes board member stuff
    1. As discussed last meeting, the Board is fine with appointing Harrison as an ‘interim’ board member. He will participate in the election process like everyone else.
      1. TODO by Joe: Write down what accesses should be given to ‘interm’ board member.
    2. Voting - interim board members don’t participate in voting on policy, only because this is so close to December elections..
    3. Board voted unanimously for Harrison Friedes to join the board as an interim board member, expiring at the next election (like a normal board member).
  2. CoC stuff - members were spoken to about the code of conduct, i.e. ‘be nice to each other’ and they all agreed to try to do better.
  3. Makerfaire budget = ~$200
  4. Junk removal, possible Dumpster rental
    1. Sizes & budget - David to investigate costs and options.
    2. Date TBD
  5. By-Laws
    1. Discussion of recent clarifications to our by-laws and how Hack Manhattan handles elections.
    2. Our by laws should not include any election procedures. That should exist as a public document outside of our by-laws, to allow for future changes. The by-laws are filed with the State, and therefore should rarely change.
    3. Made edits to Article III, Section 2 to be more clear about board members being active lab members.
    4. Looking to choose the same voting SAAS system that Hack Manhattan uses - Election Buddy - https://electionbuddy.com/
    5. TO DO: ALL board members to read the existing by-laws document for reviewing for approval
    6. TO DO: ALL board members to dump in examples for a voting policy and procedure for board elections.
  6. Rent is now paid through the landlords online portal (yay!)
  7. FCFL savings
    1. We have a lot of emergency savings in our checking account that we’d like to move into a savings account and/or CD that accrues interest.
    2. TBD what amount we keep in checking for quick access.
    3. TBD - look into converting our personal checking account into a commercial account. It was started in a personal account due to lack of previous records and need of banking access when the new board took over in 2021.