09/20/2021 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom Web conference Attendees: Joe Kim, Arjen De Jong, Harold Morales, Joe Stilin, David Choi

Officers Selection
  • Harold volunteers as Treasurer, Joe Kim as Chair, Joe Stilin as Secretary, and Arjen as Vice-Chair

[Vote on officer positions]

OUTCOME: All four board positions APPROVED


Board discusses proposed bylaws

  • Proposed: maximum number of board members set to 7
  • Discussion of how Chair can be removed: with cause or with or without cause
  • Discussion of board meeting prior notification: 8 days for normal meetings, 48 hours for emergency meetings.
  • Discussion of quorum for voting: decision for ½ board size, rounded up.
  • Notice of board member resignation: must give one week notice.
  • Transparency of books and accounting: update bylaws later (See todo’s)
  • Amendment of bylaws: vote requires majority vote by minimum ⅔ of the board.

[vote on adoption of bylaws] [Arjen abstains]


Board Members

Vote to add David Choi as board member

OUTCOME: David Choi APPROVED as member of the Board

  • Discussion of new lease offer from Ed
  • Joe K to talk with Ed to negotiate lease terms re: electricity and water bills
  • ‘Hazardous Materials’ portion of lease: what does hazardous material mean?
  • Electricity billing: we want meter installed by a specific date, after that we don’t pay the $500 a month.
  • Water: $4000 water bill mistake. Add stipulation that Ed pays for this.
  • Joe Kim signed on to Chase Bank Account, Peter still on the account.
Fab Lab Member Relations
  • Email to members: draft to show David Choi joined board on 9/20/021
  • Current misconduct policy to be modified in the future to include a slack members channel moderation policy
  • Joe Kim proposes to lead the charge on making online experience for members better / fully transparent
  • Keys and locks: Ask Peter and Woody to give back their physical keys to locks, including locker
  • Delegation of tasks to members: plan to ask for volunteers to help with onboarding, programs, etc.

[vote on giving Joe Kim duty on online accounts / member online experience]

OUTCOME: Approved

  • Joe Kim to make onboarding process smoother so the work and needing to physically be at the lab can be shared amongst the board and volunteer members.
  • Update bylaws with requirement to make books and accounting public later, after we are fully able to publish our books.
  • Update purpose section of bylaws more tailored to Fat Cat Fab Lab
  • Joe Kim to talk to Ed about our electricity and water amendments to the lease on Wednesday
  • Modify and send out email to members
  • Joe Kim to ask Peter and Woody for to hand in their mail keys
  • David to work with Dana on independent study
Next Meeting
  • Tomorrow, 7pm
  • Agenda for next meeting:
    • Events and Programs
    • Decision on restarting classes/ how to teach
    • Create W9/1099 contract for instructor(s)
    • Prior verbal agreement with Woody
    • Open house
    • Who will host
    • We need access to meetup account from Peter
    • Update on sponsored membership program
    • Cleaning out the lab
    • Large garbage pickup progress?
    • Decide / vote on initiative to clear old projects / material from the lab [with care, given recent events] (Vote from Members?)
    • Brief Discussion on current events
    • Deploying a Wiki
    • Establish Open Docs Policy
    • See Hack Manhattan Wiki for something we should aspire too
    • Publish ByLaws/Rule of Board Meeting Minutes/Notes
    • Google Accounts
    • Discuss upgrading google account to business g-suite
    • Mostly want ability to deploy a shared drive for company
    • Going to for 2FA for Google accounts
    • Want to buy a 1password account
    • Need to change passwords everywhere
    • Easier to share and change all passwords for everyone