09/21/2021 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom Web Conference Attendees: David Choi, Harold Morales, Joe Stilin

Events and Programs
  • Classes - Instructors on a volunteer basis or paid on contract?
  • Whoever teaches has to be a FCFL member
  • Open House: David has access to Meetup account and will host open house on Tuesdays at 7pm. Diana gone for a couple weeks but will join in after being gone. Joe Stilin to join in and help with virtual tours.
  • keep as is and ask sponsored members to provide photo + description / report of their project after two months.

[vote on accepting Lena Mitchell and Ian Killey as sponsored members]

OUTCOME: Lena Mitchell and Ian Killey accepted as sponsored members.

  • Daipan Lee and Peter Hartman’s applications need more information; how will Daipan use the space, Peter’s project requires TIG wedding which we’re currently not offering.
Memberships and passes
  • Further ideas: day passes for the space - talking about in the future.
  • Tiered memberships?
Lab Cleanup
  • Hazardous materials disposal
  • Inventory lab assets
  • Make report (airtable?) with photos of old projects, unclaimed materials and send to members to claim
Email to Members
  • Suggestion to add bullet points from the Amano Cafe meeting on August 19th
  • Joe K to talk with Woody about volunteering to teach for now.
  • Call to arms via Slack for volunteers to instruct Laser and CNC classes
  • Call to arms for vehicle to transport hazmat (gas tanks, etc.) to dump
  • Finalize and send email to members once approved.
  • Onboard Lena Mitchell and Ian Killey for sponsored membership
  • Reach out to Daipan and Peter H about their applications to sponsored mem
Next Meeting

September 23, 2021