09/23/2021 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom Attendees: Joe Kim, David Choi, Joe Stilin, Harold Morales

Lease Negotiations

Emergency meeting to discuss Arjen’s 3 additions to the current lease proposal from Ed:

  • After October, we pay $250 a month for electric if new meter hasn’t been installed by end of October.
  • We install our own water meter on our sole intake, report gallons to Ed, with 20% increase to account for error.
  • We propose $7300 per month instead of $8000 per month for 2023.

Idea to add sentence opening up ability to discuss 2023 rent, instead of locking in for $8000 now - “allowance” to negotiate.

[vote on proposing final change to wording of lease, if not accepted, accept the lease as is]

OUTCOME: accepted

Lab cleanout
  • Agreement to compensate Woody for lost items worth approx. $10 during cleanup.
Misconduct at the lab
  • Decision to update Code of Conduct and have all members sign ASAP.
  • Ability for members to reach out to members of the board on issues.
Member onboarding and offboarding
  • David working on organizing membership offboarding, Stripe account, products, etc.
  • Harold - Get a Quickbooks account?
Lab Inventory
  • Use of Airtable? To take photos of items and label as equipment, trash, to sell, etc.
  • What about a manager platform that all members can use?

Example - MakerOS: https://makeros.com/makerspaces

  • Learning how to onboard members workshop with Joe Kim