10/06/2021 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom conference call

Attendees: Joe Kim, Arjen De Jong, Harold Morales, Joe Stilin, David Choi Joe Kim meeting chair; Joe Stilin meeting secretary

  • Teachers
    • Laser class: Joe S, Harold
    • CNC class: David, Harold, Arjen, with conference on material and syllabus
    • 3D printing: David
  • Compensation: Before we decide whether to compensate our teachers, we need to get our books in order. Until then, instructors on volunteer basis.
  • Mention possibility of free or reduced storage, if the board votes on it.
  • Missed classes: discourage no-shows for classes with volunteer instructors
Missed Dues Policy
  • Policy of 14 days after a missed payment to suspend member.
  • Policy of 30 days after end of membership to gather materials.
  • Change to everyone paying on the same day of the month; proration when a member joins for the remainder of that month.
  • Policy of x number of days notice for a member to cancel membership before billing day. (a buffer for us)

[vote on removing 30 day notice to 7 day notice of cancellation, with no final billing day]


  • Mask Policy: Should we change to policy of vaccinated members = mask suggested rather than required?
  • Resolution: keep mandatory mask policy for all members regardless of vaccination status at this time.
  • Use of AirTulip to supplement air quality in the lab?
    • Lab covers cost of filter replacement.
  • Present at E-Nable annual conference on October 23rd: ways that a makerspace can work with their community
  • Joe Kim to work on website
Hack Manhattan
  • Meeting next Thursday 7pm: working with Hack Manhattan discuss relationship between FCFL and HM. HM Member usage of FCFL space, etc.
  • Use the google form officially.
Purchase List
  • Paper towels (2 left)
  • Packing tape
  • Water meter (??must check pipe size first)
  • Hand truck (pneumatic wheels, ~$80)
  • Face shield


  • Floor Layout: Arjen is moving benches
  • Google Drive Structure: Harold to organize structure
  • Meet and create syllabus for CNC class
  • Arjen to speak with Woody about teaching
  • Re-write member cancellation, missed payment, and material removal policy.
  • David to follow up with Maria Esquela via email on e-Nable conference
  • Discuss van rental and Arjen’s reimbursement in next meeting