10/13/2021 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Google Meet and in person at the lab

Attendees: Joe Kim, Arjen De Jong, Harold Morales, Joe Stilin, David Choi

Input from members
  • Create a form for members to submit comments, requests
Town Hall style meetings
  • Make regular meetings Wednesdays 7pm as town halls.
Membership Drive
  • Ideas short term:
    • Change open house to be hybrid
    • Refer a friend program
    • Meet with Lisa (Arjen’s wife) to talk about marketing and content.
    • Work with members to create content - ads on social media, youtube videos featuring projects.
Items to purchase
  • Wifi dongle (for Win10 computer) - $30
  • Multimeter - purchased
  • Vacuum filter - $55
  • 36” x 36” Vacuum former: Arjen heading, ~$300 with up to $500 for extra parts
    • Approved, with Arjen submitting updates to the board on the vacuum former project expenses.
Items to Sell
  • Welding machine - Thermal arc fabricator 18li, 220V, MIG
  • Sell on Craigslist $500.
Class Instructors
  • Official reply to teachers: We are going with no compensation or barter agreements.
Machine Maintenance
  • Should it be volunteer run? Yes! We’re a makerspace, people should learn to fix the machines. We have the ability to maintain laser, CNC, and 3D printers.
Civicrm and emails broken
  • Joe Kim will fix
Make Slack fun again!
  • Projects, shout outs in slack - cultivate maker community.
Special Lectures
  • Arjen’s contact, Doctor with 3D printing - hybrid meeting, stream online.
Meeting with Hack Manhattan
  • Tomorrow night. Goal to help them. Arjen: Symbiotic relationship.
Storage boxes
  • Create a policy and enforcement for items left in bin after membership is ended / expired.
Member Conduct
  • Create a policy and procedure for dealing with member misconduct.
  • Meeting(s) with affected member(s) and warnings for member(s) performing misconduct.
VOTE: Naming of members

Vote on naming of Arjen De Jong, Harold Morales, and David Choi as Acting Secretaries. OUTCOME: APPROVED

  • Create comment and request form for members
  • Sell welding machine on Craigslist
  • Update / create new FCFL policies draft
  • Add all non chair and secretary as “Acting Secretary”
  • Fix Civicrm email system (new members can’t join)
  • Recharge fire extinguisher, laser room (y), metalshop (?), woodshop (?)
  • Recover PayPal (work w/ Cellar Dog, not easy)
  • Recover Venmo (not easy)
  • Follow up on Board Insurance
  • Recover Lyft (easy)
  • Create / update new policies document
  • Start up an asana
  • Put all this in Asana
  • Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 7:00pm ET