10/20/2021 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: FCFL and Google Meets Attendees: Joe Kim, Harold Morales, David Choi, Joe Stilin

Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Harold brings D&O insurance to the floor:
  • $1,400 per year

[Vote on purchasing D&O insurance]

OUTCOME: Approved

Expensify Accounts
  • All board members to get Expensify account
  • Javascript errors, DNS problems, fix still ongoing
3D Printers
  • Store broken / printers needing maintenance for now.
  • Install systems for better ease of use (print from home)
Lab Layout
  • Move 3D printers to curved wall at the front
Basic necessities
  • Monthly budget consumables on consumables
  • For now, $100 monthly budget with list made of items
Eating and Drinking in the Lab
  • Changing to allow eating and drinking in the lab
  • Approved
  • Communicate to members the rules
    • Pack food out, clean up after yourself wear mask before / after.
Task Management Tool
  • Harold proposes Trello.
Issue tracking
  • Members breaking rules / Code of Conduct
  • Concerns / complaints / suggestions form (google form) for members
Open House
  • Move open house to Wednesdays
  • Have a big open house next Wednesday!