10/25/2022 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom Attendees: Joe Kim, Harold Morales, David Choi, Joe Stilin

  • Member Expenses outstanding
  • ByLaws Discussion and Vote
Member expenses outstanding
  • Funds owed to David C, Paul T
  • Harold to handle reimbursements for these
  • Discussion of Board Member election procedure
    • Before the annual meeting, FCFL members will have the opportunity to nominate themselves or others.
    • FCFL Members with 2 or more nominations will be added to the Candidate List.
    • Current Board Members will be added to the Candidate List automatically.
    • At the annual meeting, Board Members will first vote for the current Board's reelection.
    • If there are vacancies on the Board, (current maximum Board size is 7) Board members will vote in rank order from the Candidate List to fill the vacancies.
    • The election to the Candidate List will only move forward if greater than 10% of FCFL Members participate in the election by filling out a nomination card.
  • Discussion of # of months of Membership required to qualify for being on the Board.
    • Verbal decision to go with 6 months.
Next Meeting
  • Scheduled for November 1, 2022
  • Agenda for next meeting:
    • Vote in amended ByLaws
    • Plan logistics of Annual Meeting and election