12/05/2022 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Zoom 7pm ET Attendees:

  • ByLaws: Voting Procedure & Member Comments
  • Member violations
  • Half Size Bins
  • Laser filter fan purchase
Sales Tax
  • Have our members dues and/or class fees subject to sales tax?
  • Harold did some research. Our org is education focused.
  • If we were a club (Members control everything), we would more likely be subject to sales tax.
  • Currently members do not control the organization.
  • We agree that we are acting in good faith and are not within the scope of charging sales tax.
  • We agree that we will seek Non-profit status as soon as possible.
ByLaws: Voting Procedure
  • There are several comments on the ByLaws draft pertaining to definitions, structure, and Board Member election procedure.
  • We will re-visit comments on definitions + document structure in the next ByLaws revision, early 2023.
  • We are going to move forward with the voting procedure outlined in the currently drafted ByLaws.
Board Election: Implementation
  • Annual meeting needs to happen before the end of 2022.
  • Therefore we need to set up and run the election ASAP.
  • The nomination period will happen in a shared and open digital forum where everyone can see nominations. Most likely a shared email chain.
  • Wed Dec 7th - Dec 14th: Open nominations
  • Dec 14th - Dec 21st: Voting
  • Dec 26th: Annual Board Meeting
Vote: On Adopting New ByLaws

Vote: Joe Kim brings vote to adopt the new Bylaws Document


Document: Link to new Bylaws

Member Violations
  • Member X has been given written warning to clean up items and remove garbage from the lab.
  • Member has one strike left before a six month ban.
  • Member has failed to change behavior.
  • Giving a grace period of until this Friday Dec. 9th for Member to comply. Or the six month ban will go into effect.
  • Member Y has been given a written warning to remove items from lab within one week, and that period has passed without the member removing items.
  • Member Y has refused to get a Meetup account to handle Woodshop BUS classes scheduling and communication with students.
BUS Courses
  • Joe S. and David C. to write up document defining BUS teacher responsibilities.
  • Students who fail written and demonstration tests need to re-take certification course (and pay the fee again)
Large Project in Public space Ticketing
  • Pumping Station 1 rules model
  • Strike a balance between allowing Members to do large projects, and limiting them taking advantage of space.
  • Larger projects get a name and date: whose project, date when they will move it.
  • After that date, lab can remove / discard.
  • Action item: Need to make cards. Need to formalize and communicate the system.
Half Size Bins

Dicussed future options to implement since we are short on lab storage.

  • Starting Jan 1: 1/2 size bins $30, Full size $60.
  • Existing members: Grandfathered in to $30 for full size. Free for 1/2 size for six months
  • Would need to make new price sets.
Laser Filter Fan Purchase
  • Laser Filter Fan purchase is approved.
Next Meeting
  • Monday, December 19th, 2022
  • Annual Meeting: Monday December 26th, 2022