12/14/2021 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Location: Hybrid at FCFL and Zoom Attendees: Joe Kim, Harold Morales, David Choi, Joe Stilin

Liability Insurance
  • Joe Kim has paid for it we are current.
  • Sponsored membership to restart in January 2022.
Membership Run
  • Update: Currently at 68 members, with 7 leaving. David says we are staying constant right around 68 members.
  • Ideas
    • Job fairs
    • Spend money on Google ads? Upper limit $100 per month
    • Bringing in workshops, meetups and speakers : put this into Newsletter
    • Hardware meetup hosted at meetup
Volunteerism and “Doocracy” at the lab
  • Encourage new members to feel responsibility at the lab.
CNC Class
  • Come in Saturday 12/14/2021 to work together to build CNC class
Town Halls
  • Have a town hall meeting with shared agenda with members
  • First week of January add to Newsletter
Open House
  • Redefine for members
  • “Happy House”
  • Make open laser hours during open house
  • Trivia night open house
VOTE: Language in bank documents “Joe” AKA “Joseph” and “Joseph” aka “Joe”

OUTCOME: Approved.

Trello to-do’s
  • Doorbot: important for contact tracing
  • Masks
  • Ask whether we should require vaccination at lab in the town hall.
  • Lab Clutter / Over Storage
    • Make entrance area look good so people don’t shove their things there.
    • Raise in Town Hall.