12/18/2022 Board Meeting

From Fat Cat Fab Lab
  • Location: Zoom
  • Attendees: Joe Kim, Joe Stilin, Harold Morales, David Choi
  • Projects left out
  • Member storage
  • Member misconduct
  • Town Hall prep
  • Voting period planning + set up
  • Letter to members of 2022 Board accomplishments
  • Year end tasks
  • Newsletter
Projects Left Out
  • Decision to adopt "Parking Passes"
  • Print out passes that Members fill out w/ name + date and time started.
  • After 72hrs other Members can give them a "ticket"
Member Storage
  • Proposal: buy 4 half sized storage bins
  • Full size bins are $60, half sized $30. Current members grandfathered in and stay at $30/bin
  • Reach out to Members who don't appear to be using full sized bins fully
  • Converting the "peninsula" sticking out into space into actual bin storage temporarily would help buy time
  • Implement all this by end of January

Vote to $60 / $30 for full/half size bins; current Members grandfathered in to remain at $30 full size / month. Teachers giving >= 8 classes per year remain at free full size storage.


Member Misconduct

  • Board to send warning email to Member in question on Slack conduct
  • Hard deadline for member project to be removed before 7pm Wednesday Night. Email to be sent tonight after meeting.

Town Hall Prep

  • Everyone write down a list of things that we do in prep for tomorrow by 5pm.

End of Year Tasks

  • As of now none of us plan to resign, which makes EOY easier.

BUS Class

  • Woodshop BUS class and successful passing of certification test required for use.

Next Meetings

  • Monday, Dec 19, 6-7pm: Clarify Board member requirements
  • Wednesday, Dec 21: Voting Period Setup.
  • Monday, Dec 26
  • Annual Meeting, Dec 29