Board Meeting Minutes 2021-09-21

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Board Meeting


Attendees: David Choi, Harold Morales, Joe Stilin


Events and Programs

   Classes - Instructors on a volunteer basis or paid on contract?
   Whoever teaches has to be a FCFL member
   Open House: David has access to Meetup account and will host open house on Tuesdays at 7pm. Diana gone for a couple weeks but will join in after being gone. Joe Stilin to join in and help with virtual tours.
   Sponsored Membership Program: keep as is and ask sponsored members to provide photo + description / report of their project after two months.

[vote on accepting Lena Mitchell and Ian Killey as sponsored members]

OUTCOME: Lena Mitchell and Ian Killey accepted as sponsored members.

   Daipan Lee and Peter Hartman’s applications need more information; how will Daipan use the space, Peter’s project requires TIG wedding which we’re currently not offering.
   Further ideas: day passes for the space - talking about in the future.
   Tiered memberships?

Lab Cleanup

   Hazardous materials disposal
   Inventory lab assets
   Make report (airtable?) with photos of old projects, unclaimed materials and send to members to claim

Email to Members

   Suggestion to add bullet points from the Amano Cafe meeting on August 19th


   Joe K to talk with Woody about volunteering to teach for now.
   Call to arms via Slack for volunteers to instruct Laser and CNC classes
   Call to arms for vehicle to transport hazmat (gas tanks, etc.) to dump
   Finalize and send email to members once approved.
   Onboard Lena Mitchell and Ian Killey for sponsored membership
   Reach out to Daipan and Peter H about their applications to sponsored mem