Board Meeting Minutes 2021-09-23

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Meeting 9/23/2021

Attendees: Joe Kim, David Choi, Joe Stilin, Harold Morales

Emergency meeting to discuss Arjen’s 3 additions to the current lease proposal from Ed:

   After October, we pay $250 a month for electric if new meter hasn’t been installed by end of October.
   We install our own water meter on our sole intake, report gallons to Ed, with 20% increase to account for error.
   We propose $7300 per month instead of $8000 per month for 2023.

Idea to add sentence opening up ability to discuss 2023 rent, instead of locking in for $8000 now - “allowance” to negotiate.

[vote on proposing final change to wording of lease, if not accepted, accept the lease as is]

OUTCOME: accepted

Lab cleanout

Agreement to compensate Woody for lost items worth approx. $10 during cleanup.

Misconduct at the lab

Decision to update Code of Conduct and have all members sign ASAP.

Ability for members to reach out to members of the board on issues.

Member onboarding and offboarding

David working on organizing membership offboarding, Stripe account, products, etc.


Harold - Get a Quickbooks account?

Lab Inventory

Use of Airtable? To take photos of items and label as equipment, trash, to sell, etc.

What about a manager platform that all members can use?

Example -



   Learning how to onboard members workshop with Joe Kim