CNC Class (Router)

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See CNC Router for general information on the CNC. This page will contains notes from the class that is an introduction to using our CNC {WIP}.

Registration & Schedule

  • Scheduled Classes
  • Classes are on Thursdays.
  • Class is $50 for members and $75 for non-members.
  • Once certified, you're certified for life!

Prerequisite Video

CNC Class Fundamentals - CAD/CAM


CNC Class: Basic Usage & Safety is taught by Harold Morales (@Harold M).

* Vcarve CAM demo is for 6"x6"x.75" ply-wood to be post-processed at the lab. Z0 is set to top of stock, Pocket uses .125" flat endmill [Feed|Speed: 16K rpm & 150 in/min], and Profile uses .25" flat endmill [Feed|Speed: 16K rpm & 400 in/min]. Toolpaths are named accordingly.