FCFL Program Administrators

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Mission (from FCFL's POV)

  • increasing public awareness of Fat Cat Fab Lab
  • produce more public events
  • improve member retention (how?)
  • carry out the mission of the former Global Giving campaign
  • hopefully bring in new fiscal sponsor funding

Tasks for Program Administrators during Residency

  1. Advertise the open call on https://nyfa.org/ , https://rivet.es/ , https://www.callforentry.org , https://Wooloo.org
  2. Review applications
  3. Narrow applicants to final preferences in ranked order
  4. Reserve a couple alternates in case Residents cannot accept or do not return forms by deadline.
  5. Send acceptance emails individually or using BCC

social sharing during program:

  • welcome sponsored members
  • projects in-progress
  • completed stuff
  • set up a Pecha kucha Show and Tell night Meetup event (since short, should it be is it 4 to 7 presentations at a time?)
  • Record video of presentation
    • put on Fat Cat Fab Lab youtube.
    • share on Fat Cat Fab Lab social media

Action items:

  • Jen: will produce, advertise, and host the Pecha kucha Show and Tell presentation event


  • Email blasts to members and shared on social
  • Draft instructions for artist sharing assets and information about their projects for FCFL's social, blog, etc.
  • Add accounting and reporting to sheet where applications land
  • Set up a schedule for cohorts.
  • Review member terms and tailor to the Maker Residency.

Completed items:

  • Damon: Copy / paste residency wording to main website
  • Dana: I'm happy to create the application and then review applications along with two or three others to form a concensus, I think it should maybe be awarded based on previous work and the need for the tools at fcfl.
  • Damon: in progress: Draft description of program for website here in wiki
  • Joe: Draft a requirements doc for participants
  • Abagail: Draft a survey for current members on their maker / artist background. What kind of person does our space appeal to?
  • Abagail: copy for emails: app received, accepted, rejected, onboarding emails.
  • Damon: add communications email templates into wiki's administer's area
  • Damon: Emphasize on main page the free classes building skills using industrial tools - for your projects AND your CV.
  • Damon: Advertise the open call in http://nyfa.org/ , http://rivet.es/ , https://www.callforentry.org , Wooloo.org
  • Damon: Create new application form(s) reflecting new program structure
  • Damon: Document program and actions in our new Wiki
  • Damon: Change Program web page to reflect this discussion
  • Damon: Change application form to reflect this discussion
  • Damon: Add the first several cohort dates options to the form as check box options.
  • Document onboarding doc: rough timeline and milestones for participants

Email Boilerplate Templates

Application Received Email Template

Email Subject: Fat Cat Fab Lab residency application received
Email Body:
Thank you for your interest in the Fat Cat Fab Lab Residency!

Your application has been received and will be reviewed by our board.

Thanks again!

The Board
Fat Cat Fab Lab

Proposal Accepted Email Template

Email Subject: Accepted! Fat Cat Fab Lab Residency beginning YYYY-Monday-DD
Email Body:
Dear <name>,

You’ve been selected for the Fat Cat Fab Lab Residency beginning YYYY-MON-DD.

We were impressed by your application and are pleased to welcome you into the program. We firmly believe you are a great fit for the program.

Please read and return a signed copy of this acceptance agreement by YYYY-MON-DD.

We will send more information as your start date approaches, but for now, sit tight and get excited.

Many congratulations and welcome to the Fat Cat Fat Lab!

The Board
Fat Cat Fab Lab

Proposal Rejected Email Template

Email Subject: Thank you for applying to the Fat Cat Fab Lab Residency
Email Body:
Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Fat Cat Fab Lab Artist Residency program.

While we were impressed by your application, you have not been selected this cycle. Our needs are as diverse as our members, so we hope that you will apply again in the future.

The Board
Fat Cat Fab Lab

Onboarding Email Template

Email Subject: FCFL Maker Residency: Welcome and Next Steps
Email Body:

Dear <name>,

Congratulations once again on being accepted for the Fat Cat Fab Lab Maker Residency! Your Residency begins on MM-DD-YYYY and before that, there are a few items to take care of so you can hit the ground running.

Please review and carry out these steps over the next week:

1. Sign up for an account on Fat Cat Fab Lab's website here

An administrator will approve your new account and reach out to you via email.

2. You'll then need to request a new password https://civicrm.fatcatfablab.org/user/password

3. Sign in and reset your password to something you'll remember.

4. Arrange to come to the lab to pick up your 24/7 access card and sign the Maker Residency Acceptance Agreement.

5. Provide a photo of you and/or some of your work to FCFL for the purposes of introducing you as one of our Maker Residents! Drop images in either the #social-media channel on Slack, or the provided Google Drive folder.

6. Sign up for your first class. Classes can be found at our events page.

Once these items are completed you're all set! We're excited to have you as a Fat Cat Fab Lab Maker Resident!

The Board
Fat Cat Fab Lab

Original Sponsored Membership Page text (deprecated)


You apply for a sponsored membership through this form. Applying is easy. All you have to do is tell a little but about yourself and what you want to work on. If you give us permission, we might highlight your story on our website, and social media to supercharge our fundraising effort at GlobalGiving.org.

Once sponsored, we’ll work with the highlighted members to submit project updates to the sponsors periodically. Otherwise, our teachers and facilitators will update sponsors with general updates about sponsored members who prefer to remain anonymous. Submitting this along with data about our impact keeps us in good standing at GlobalGiving.org.


Applicants are awarded first come first served (if you have a deadline, please indicate it in your application and it will be considered). We will notify you when your turn is coming up! When we receive enough funds to cover your membership for two months, we’ll send you an email to confirm and your sponsored membership starts right away!


Sponsored memberships last for two months; no more, no less. We want you to have enough time to complete some projects, but can’t fund you forever, unfortunately. If we raise a lot of money — through corporate sponsorship, for example — we’ll revisit this 🤞


None of this would be possible without the support of our fiscal sponsor, e-NABLE. Thank you, e-NABLE!!!