Guests and Events

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

We encourage you to bring guests and host events that spread the word about Fat Cat Fab Lab!
Guests and event attendees must abide by all our Code of Conduct and Rules and Policies.

FCFL Guests and Guest Day Passes

  • We encourage you to bring guests!
  • Guests must be accompanied by a FCFL member at all times (especially guests under the age of 18).

Guest Day Pass

  • If your guest wishes to use our tools or equipment for the day, please purchase a Guest Day Pass for $10 and the guest will be required to sign FCFL’s Waiver, Release of Liability, & Assumption of Risk. Payment can be made here: Guest Day Pass. NOTE: Your (the member hosting the guest) must use the credit card on file they normally use to charge dues with!!! DO NOT USE YOUR GUEST'S CREDIT CARD.
  • You are responsible for your guests while they are in the building. FCFL reserves the right to restrict access to guests in the event such access or use of FCFL’s space violates our Code of Conduct or your Membership Terms agreement.
  • Guests MUST be individually certified in order to operate any tools that require certification.

Events in the Lab

We always encourage events in the space that forward our mission of building the Maker community in New York City!

FCFL Event Space Fees

FCFL used as event space by some entity (not ghosts): $110/hr (starting--case by case basis depending on event needs on discretion of FCFL Board).

Event space fees are paid here: Services Payment.

Approval Process

See below for getting your next event approved!

Approval Conditions

  • Approval of the event is at the sole discretion of the Board.
  • A point of contact (POC) person must be established for the event.
  • Any event in FCFL's space that is not a Basic Use & Safety class or previously approved Meetup workshop requires a minimum seven (7) days advance notice given to the Board of Directors, and must be approved by the Board.
  • Max occcupancy is 35 people for all events (due to seating limitations). Special consideration with Approval for larger events can be made.
  • Silence required event: If the event requires silence from attendees and other members, then Approval is required.
  • Large event: More than 15 people requires Approval.

Resquesting an event? Steps to take

  1. Requests can be made to (preferred) or to the #operations channel on Slack. Event scheduling is handled by a FCFL event mananger.
  2. After the request is made and the event is approved, a FCFL event manager will confirm with you availability of date and time prior. Do not announce an event prior to schedule confirmation (to prevent disapppointed event planners and attendees).
  3. The FCFL event manager will work with you to determine event needs (fees, tables, seating, projector, waivers, food/drinks, etc)
  4. A host will be determined (this should be the event requester or they'll find a fill in)
  5. After approval and the above are set, you're good to go to announce the event to attendees!

After the Event: Clean Up and Garbage

  • The POC is responsible for seeing that the space is returned to the state it was in prior to the event.
  • The POC is responsible for seeing that all trash generated by the event is taken out immediately after the event.
    • If the event does not fall on a Monday or Thursday, the POC must dispose of trash legally elsewhere or made other arrangements with the Board of Directors.