Member-Loaned Tools

From Fat Cat Fab Lab


  • If a member wants to bring equipment into the lab, then member will:
    • Contact the Board, who will vote on the proposal at the next board meeting (currently, board meets every Monday, but that may change)
  • Member must agree to:
    • Allow other members to use equipment, if they are trained in that tool (ex: 3D printing)
    • If no one knows how to operate the tool safely, then training MUST be provided (scheduled in advance and announced in \#members)
    • Maintain the equipment and keep in functional condition
    • If the equipment becomes problematic (breaks, members complain) or is disused, the board will discuss possible resolutions and vote on how to proceed (be it repair the item, move elsewhere, or remove entirely).
    • A member of the board will contact the member about the situation and seek agreement on the best course of action, with both agreeing to a reasonable timetable and deadline.
    • Generally, shoot to agree to a two week timetable to resolve, though not to exceed 30 days from when the member was made aware (i.e. they responded that they received the notice)
    • If extenuating circumstances arise, The member can appeal to the board by writing the board and proposing a new deadline.
    • If the member does not repair/remove equipment by the agreed upon deadline, the member authorizes FCFL to repair/move equipment as FCFL sees fit.
    • If member becomes unresponsive, does not appeal, and exceeds the agreed deadlines by 30 days, the member grants FCFL the right to remove, donate, or scrap the equipment as FCFL sees fit.
    • For full transparency, a board member will alert all members of the Loan and as the status changes (i.e. decision to bring in, remove, or move), including a link to the official policy.

Member Agreement

Member agrees:

  • to bring in a piece of their equipment on a permanent basis.
  • to allow other members to use equipment, if they are trained on that equipment.
  • provide training if no one knows how to operate the equipment safely. (scheduled in advance and announced in \#members Slack channel.)
  • to maintain the equipment and keep it in functional condition.
  • to remove it if asked in a timely manner not to exceed 30 days.
  • that they authorize The Board to repair/move equipment as The Board sees fit.
  • that if they become unresponsive, do not appeal, and exceed the agreed deadlines by 30 days, the member grants The Board the right to remove, donate, or scrap the equipment as they see fit.

The Board agrees to:

  • dedicate a space in the lab for the Member’s equipment to safely be used.
  • make a reasonable effort to inform the members they need any necessary training to use the equipment.
  • train the rest of the members who want training on the Member’s equipment, once someone from The Board has been duly trained as per section 3 above.
  • notify the Member if the equipment becomes problematic and seek to find a resolution with the Member.
  • give the Member notice of 14-30 days to remove the equipment if a resolution cannot be found.
  • accept an appeal to a decision to remove.

Equipment List

This list is to track the property of members lent for use at Fat Cat Fab Lab

Current equipment on loan from members
Name Equipment Date
Kyle Dries Mill & lathe combo 2018
Kyle Dries two diy mill/lathe magnetic tool hangers & box of components with bits 2018
Kyle Dries Craftsman bottom & top tool cabinets, black 2018
Kyle Dries blue cross-sliding vice 2022
Damon Hamm Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC welder 2019-11-07
Damon Hamm Miller Model 11 Lectro Spot welder 2019-07-05
Damon Hamm diy steel welding table, chrome magnetic tool hanger, small blue vice 2021
Damon Hamm Bosch mini grinder, cordless dremel, Milwaukee die grinder & accessories 2022
Damon Hamm "collision repair" hydraulic ram kit, small wire bender, hammers & hand tools 2022
Damon Hamm Bogen Manfrotto tripod & two lighting stands 2022-09-01
Damon Hamm LED photography lighting cube 2022-09-01
Daniel Buk Donated Raise 3D Pro 2 3d printer 2021
Chris Hackett horizontal metal bandsaw, green 2020
Chris Hackett Milwaukee portable metal bandsaw in red case 2022-10