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Photographers with studio strobe experience are welcome to use it. Please do not take any components out of the building. Users are required to completely break down and store away all of the components after each use. Please report any damage, missing or non-functioning parts.

If you are interested in using it and would like to learn you can contact me Christopher Walker at gothampixel (gmail) to set up a training session.


  • 2x Bowens 500w Mono light
  • 1x Bowens 200w Mono light
  • 3x Strobe stands
  • 3x Small reflectors
  • 1x Medium reflector with 2 grids
  • 2x Umbrellas
  • 1x 48”x48” Softbox with speed ring
  • 1x 120cm Octo Softbox with grid and speed ring
  • 3x Power cords
  • 2x Sync cables
  • Light Meter
  • Backdrop Stand
  • 8ft Collapsible black / White backdrop
  • Large product shooting tent
  • Flotone tabletop graduated white to black vinyl backdrop.

Instant Camera

Projector Instructions

Setting up:

  1. set up projector screen
  2. plug in power cable and turn on (button on top)
  3. plug in hdmi cable to projector and puter (adapter in bag for USB-C)
  4. if you don't change display settings on puter, default is mirroring your main monitor. Change as needed.
  5. Use screw feet on bottom to level and white wooden stand or w/e to prop up as needed. Stand is on the floor near the flame thrower.
  6. adjust focus (ring at front of lens) and keystone (button on top) as needed.

Putting away:

  1. power off (button on top) and wait for it to shut down
  2. unplug cables
  3. let projector COOL DOWN all the way, otherwise internal screen could get ruined.
  4. put back in bag, including power & hdmi cables, and put back inside the desk
  5. put away projector screen