Residency Application Questions

Fat Cat Fab Lab Maker Residency Application

Before filling out this form for the Fab Lab Maker Residency, please review and familiarize yourself with the Residency requirements at

Reminder: A requirement of the application process is attending an Open House in-person at Fat Cat Fab Lab or virtually prior to the end of the application review process. Open houses are Wednesdays at 7pm. RSVP here:

□ Email*
□ First Name*
□ Last Name*
□ Phone number
□ Tell us about yourself. What is your background? What do you like to make or want to make? What are some materials, tools, and techniques you've worked with?*
□ Please describe the project(s) you want to work on during your time as a Fab Lab Maker-Artist.*
□ How will the Fab Lab Maker Residency help you advance to the next phase as an artist or maker?
□ If you can, tell us how your project might advance or contribute to the mission of any community organizations, benefit an at-risk community, or do social good.
□ What classes are you interested in taking during your Residency?*

  • 3D printing
  • Laser Basic Usage and Safety
  • CNC Basic Usage and Safety
  • Woodshop Basic Usage and Safety
  • Metalwork Basic Usage and Safety
  • Basic Electronics & Microcontroller Programming
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • 3D Modeling (Fusion 360, Solidworks, OnShape)
  • None at the moment
  • Other:

□ Do you have an idea of what workshop or class topic you'd like to teach at the end of your residency? If you don't know yet, that's ok! We can help you build your workshop.
□ Do you have a deadline? (End of semester, project deadline, etc.) Leave blank if none.
□ Please select which residency dates you prefer.

  • FCFLMR 1:
  • FCFLMR 2:
  • FCFLMR 3:
  • Any of them!
  • Other:

□ If you have one, please provide a URL to your portfolio or website where we can learn more about you and your work. Please upload some images and/or documents showcasing your work (10 files max, no larger than 100MB).
□ Is there anything else you'd like to share that might help us learn more about how the Fab Lab Maker Residency can benefit you?