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The Fab Lab Maker Residency is open to anyone who has a focused project idea, wants to advance their skill and experience in an art or maker discipline, and who is excited to learn and share knowledge with others.

Our Fab Lab Maker Residency program is made possible through a partnership with e-NABLE - Your tax-deductible donation to Fat Cat Fab Lab is what keeps this program alive!

Resident Artists Receive

Our Mission

  • To enable individual artists and makers who are in need of workspace to realize their project.
  • To continue FCFL’s mission of teaching and skill sharing by having the artist/maker explain their work and techniques in a short presentation. We love work that engages the community, increases public awareness of FCFL, enhances our space, or increases the breadth of classes & workshops we offer (which you could get paid to teach!).

How it Works

  • We accept rolling submissions, reviewing every 3 months.
  • We select up to two artists/makers per Residency period. Start and end times can vary if needed for the project.
  • Since FCFL is 100% volunteer-run, preference is given to projects that enhance our physical space, enhance our digital space, or help grow our community of artists/makers.
  • Preference is given to applicants that are new to Fat Cat Fab Lab. Current or former Fat Cat Fab Lab members and Residents are eligible every 3 years.

Residency Requirements


  • Utilize FCFL’s space, tools, classes, and community to work on their project during the Residency.
  • Share progress with FCFL and community through social media and/or blog posts about their project during the two month residency period.
  • Participate in Open House nights to casually share and network with other FCFL members and the community.
  • With the help of FCFL; plan, schedule, and teach 4 total hours of workshops within three months of the start of the Residency.
    • Workshop material can be based on what they’ve learned or accomplished as part of the residency or in a skill or knowledge or interest they had prior to the Residency.
    • One option is a casual Show & Tell presentation. These presentations are fun, casual, and quick and can be on any interest, hobby, weird fact, or technology related or unrelated to your Residency project.
    • Afterward, there's an opportunity to continue teaching the workshop at FCFL under our Workshop Teaching Program.
  • Follow all rules in the FCFL code of conduct [link needed]
  • Spread the word!
  • Access to FCFL workshop and facilities is limited to applicant only.
  • The workshop and presentation remains the intellectual property of the resident, though Fat Cat Fab Lab reserves the right to record events and use images and video for advertising and social media purposes.


  • Be ready to provide photos, video, files, website, or portfolio links showcasing their previous work.
  • Attend one of our weekly Open Houses in-person or virtually to learn about the space and meet our members.
  • Preview all Residency Application Questions on the entry form.

We will be in touch with all candidates within two weeks of their application submission.

Resources for FCFL program managers:
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