Welding Checklist

From Fat Cat Fab Lab

Start up:

  • Shielding gas: open main valve (turn counter-clockwise)
  • Photo regulator tank volume (right), check output pressure (left) is set 7-12
  • Ground clamp: secure to worktable or work
  • Torch: check tungsten & hang securely on table
  • Pedal: set on floor
  • Fume extractor: position over work & turn on
  • Proper attire: Adjust helmet, wear gloves
  • Machine: turn on

Shut down:

  • Machine: turn off
  • Hot work: put in a safe place to cool
  • Torch: remove tungsten and sharpen
  • Torch: clean ceramic cup, reinstall tungsten
  • Pedal, torch, & ground clamp: coil neatly and hang
  • Shielding gas: close main valve (turn clockwise), leave regulator as is
  • Photo regulator tank volume (right)
  • Fume extractor: turn off
  • Clean work area: clamps away, sweep tables and floor
  • Return in 20 minutes for fire safety check