Wiki Configuration

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This page describes the steps taken to configure this wiki, starting from the base configuration that Miraheze provided. This should serve as a change log for the wiki configuration; if you change something, document what you did here!

Change permissions and groups

All the below steps were done using the UI at Special:ManageWiki/permissions. You can view the current permissions settings at Special:ListGroupRights.

  1. Remove all permissions from the "Users" group.
    1. The "Users" group is all users who have an account on Miraheze. Just having an account on Miraheze doesn't give you special permissions on the FCFL Wiki.
  2. Remove the permissions edit, createpage, and createtalk from the "(everyone)" group.
    1. Only FCFL members should be able edit the wiki.
  3. Add a group called FCFL_Members and give it the edit, createpage, createtalk, upload, upload_by_url, and reupload permissions.
    1. Remove the permissions upload, upload_by_url, and reupload from the "Administrators" group (aka sysop) so that each group has a single purpose. All Admins should also be in FCFL_Members so it's redundant for Administrators to have upload.
  4. Add a group called template_admin and give it the import and importupload permissions. Membership in this group allows you to edit templates on the wiki.
  5. Allow the "Bureaucrats" group to add members to the FCFL_Members and template_admin groups.

  1. Upload File:FCFL_Wiki_Logo.png.
  2. Visit Special:ManageWiki/settings and configure the logo URL under the "Styling" tab.

Added Template:Main, Module:Hatnote, Template:Note

  1. Add Template:Main from through Special:Import
  2. Add Module:Hatnote from through Special:Import
  3. Change Module:Hatnote/style.css to Sanitized CSS content mode
  4. Add Template:Note from MW through Special:Import