04/24/2023 Board Meeting: Revision history

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5 June 2023

25 April 2023

24 April 2023

  • curprev 23:2123:21, 24 April 2023Jstilin talk contribs 836 bytes +836 Created page with "'''Location: Zoom''' '''Attendees: Joe K, David Choi, Mars Kennedy, Harold Morales, Damon Hamm, Joe Stilin''' ===== Agenda ===== * New security camera policy * IT Equipment Sign off * VLA Meeting ===== New Security Camera Policy ===== * Joe K brings Security Camera Policy document to vote * VOTE on adopting the Security Camera Policy * Outcome: APPROVED * Joe K to post the document on Wiki * David Choi to insert news into next FCFL Newsletter ===== IT Equipment Policy..."