04/24/2023 Board Meeting

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Location: Zoom Attendees: Joe K, David Choi, Mars Kennedy, Harold Morales, Damon Hamm, Joe Stilin

  • New security camera policy
  • IT Equipment Sign off
  • VLA Meeting
  • Board Member Handoff / offloading of tasks
  • Closing Capital One Bank Account
New Security Camera Policy
  • Joe K brings Security Camera Policy document to vote
  • VOTE on adopting the Security Camera Policy
  • Outcome: APPROVED
  • Joe K to post the document on Wiki
  • David Choi to insert news into next FCFL Newsletter
IT Equipment Policy
  • Joe K proposes to purchase TP-Link Ethernet Switch ($299) for server closet
  • VOTE to approve purchase of this item
  • Outcome: APPROVED
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) Meeting
  • Follow up from meeting:
  • FCFL is on path to become a non-profit
  • Next step: submit the intake form to VLA
Board Member Handoff / offloading of tasks
  • Finding ways to delegate / automate non-Board tasks
  • Find new teachers for Laser / BUS classes
  • Proposal: create videos for CNC and Laser BUS classes; students must view video prior to class
  • Then teaching portion of class is shorter, this may make teaching more attractive for others
  • Finances: delegate to a CPA, up to now Harold has been handling this.
Closing Cap One Account
  • Money is out of Cap One Account - will close automatically.

Next Meeting

05/08/2023, 7:00pm ET