Safety and Usage Agreement

From Fat Cat Fab Lab
  1. Always wear non-flammable, protective clothing and shoes suitable for the welding to be done.
  2. Know where safety equipment is located.
  3. Never use a new piece of equipment without instruction.
  4. Check equipment condition before use & never attempt to repair without instruction. You may be held liable for damages to equipment, so if you are unsure, ask an instructor.
  5. Notify the instructor of any injuries or equipment damage immediately.
  6. Clear all combustibles from the welding area.
  7. Check that fume exhaust is on working properly.
  8. When opening the shielding gas tank valves, stand to the side of the gauges (aka the gas flow regulator) and turn the valves slowly.
  9. Always handle welding material with pliers and proper gloves.
  10. When shutting down or not in use, completely close the shielding gas tank main valve (turn large knob on top of tank clockwise until it stops turning).
  11. Always turn equipment off, coil cables, hang electrode, stow foot pedal when not actively welding.
  12. Always clean the electrode holder and sharpen tungsten for the next person.
  13. Always clean the work area when you are done (leave nothing on the work table except the ground clamp).
  • ☐ I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above
  • ☐ I will abide by the guidelines stated herein at the risk of forfeiting my equipment privileges.

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