Safety and Usage Agreement

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  • Always wear non-flammable, protective clothing and shoes suitable for ‘hot work’.
  • Know where safety equipment and fire extinguishers are located.
  • Never use a new piece of equipment without instruction.
  • Check equipment condition before use & never attempt to repair without prior instruction. You may be held liable for damages to equipment, so if you are unsure, ask an instructor.
  • Notify an instructor of any injuries or equipment damage immediately.
  • Clear all combustibles from the welding area.
  • Check that fume extractor is on and working properly.
  • Always handle hot work with pliers and wear proper gloves.
  • When changing electrodes or not actively welding, turn equipment off.
  • Always clean the electrode holder, sharpen tungsten, and leave equipment ready to use for the next person.
  • Put away clamps and jigs, leaving nothing on the work tables.
  • Always clean the work area when you are done, including sweeping or vacuuming tables and floors of all dust and debris.
  • Active projects and materials should be kept in your bin or labeled with your name (i.e. Parking Pass) and stowed out of the way (on a shelf, hung on a hook, etc).
  • After clean up, return 20 minutes later to double check everything has safely cooled, was put away properly.
  • Lock cabinet before leaving.

[ ] I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above.
[ ] I will abide by the guidelines stated herein at the risk of forfeiting access to the equipment.

Member Name (printed) ________________________________________________________

Signature ___________________________________________ Date ____________________

Certifying Instructor Name (printed) ______________________________________________

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